NLSA, April 22, 2012

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NLSA, April 22, 2012

Unread post by PrairieDirt » Sun Apr 22, 2012 5:27 pm


Greg Cybulski, WINNIPEG, MB (April 22, 2012) If you expect a typical season of racing with the Northern Lightning Sprint Association, you'd better think again.

2012 is set up for a "Battle of the Champions" that should leave every fan wanting more after each race.

In one corner, returning 2-time NLSA Champion Roland Bernard. In 2009 and 2010, Bernard was the man to beat. In those years, he was an unstoppable force on the track and successfully overcame all challenges that were thrown at him. He abdicated the NLSA title in 2011 to settle down with his wife Janell.

In the other corner, a surging Tyson Hiebert accomplished the difficult feat of capturing the very first NLSA Triple Crown in 2011 with Championship runs at Winnipeg's Red River Co-op Speedway, Morden's ALH Motor Speedway and the NLSA's Aggregate Points Championship.

What makes this season intriguing are 2 questions that are begging to be asked;

Will Roland Bernard return as the intense racer, hungry to immediately reclaim his place as the Elite NLSA competitor we have always known him to be?

How will Tyson Hiebert respond to Bernard's return to action following a stellar 2011 season in which he did not face the former Champion?

The green flag drops in a month's time for the Northern Lightning Sprint Association and Open Wheel racing in Manitoba is about to heat up this Summer to a new record high.

About the Northern Lightning Sprint Association:
Created in September of 2008, the Northern Lightning Sprint Association is a rapidly growing organization committed to the creation and maintenance of safe, fast, fun, and affordable open wheel racing. Many of the organization’s members are dedicated to helping charities such as the Children’s Hospital Foundation and Cancer Care of Manitoba. More information can be found at

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